How do you rock your best boots?

I know we all wear our boots with jeans…and don’t get me wrong, it is a classic look. I wear them all Fall and Winter with my boot cut jeans and love it. But how else do you rock them?

There was some discussion last week on our Facebook page about them with skinny jeans. I think skinny jeans and jeggings are a great way to show off a detailed boot.

And how about with dresses? It is a fun way to “toughen” up even the most feminine dress. Check out Susan from Friday Playdate‘s take on it…

And here is Jessica from What I Wore with a similar look….

Here is a cute floral dress by Roper…

Sleeveless Western Wrinkled Jersey Dress by Roper

Or this denim skirt by Levi’s.

Leave a comment here and tell us how you wear your boots…or better yet, head over to our Facebook page and post a picture!