Corral Boots

These boots right here….they could solve all the world’s problems. No…not global warming or create peace in the middle east…but they do solve the Brown/Black issue. You know…should I wear brown or black shoes with this outfit? These Corral Vintage Boots with Lizard Overlay in Chocolate/Black…they have both. They go with EVERYTHING. So easy to wear.

These, Corral Butterfly Inlay Cowboy Boots in Yellow/Red/Turquoise may not go with everything like the ones above…but they sure would kick up any outfit and I am kind of crushing on them too…

5 thoughts on “Corral Boots

  1. It’s so funny…I have been major hard core crushing on these butterfly boots since seeing them on Wild and Precious blog!!!! I am gonna finally treat myself when my tax refund hits! They are so fabulous.

  2. You should treat yourself! They are a great investment! Post a pic on our FB page when you get them! And Enjoy!

  3. I just bought a pair of the lizard overlay boots and i love them!!! I’m actually going to wear them to prom!

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