Carrie Underwood: The New Face of Oil of Olay

carrie olay
This past week Carrie Underwood was named the first celebrity ambassador Oil of Olay has ever had.  This of course caught my attention as I’m an avid Carrie Underwood fan and I’ve also started using Oil of Olay myself.  When you think about products a celebrity would use, you generally don’t think of moisturizer that you can buy at a grocery store.  I usually assume that a celebrity with their eleventy gazillion dollars is spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on moisturizer and such that only a select few can buy because it’s found on some remote fountain of youth island.  However, Carrie Underwood uses Oil of Olay you guys!  Oil of Olay!  And she’s used it for YEARS! She’s going to be a part of the “Challenge What’s Possible” campaign and will be representing a line of skin care products for the brand which will debut later this year.

At the press conference announcing Carrie Underwood’s representation this is what she had to say:

“I am so excited to be associated with a beauty brand that has been trusted by women for more than 50 years. As a little girl I remember my mom always using the original Olay Beauty Fluid and encouraging my sisters and I to take care of our skin. I love that Olay has managed to change with the times, yet stay in touch with women of all ages who want affordable skin care products that do what they promise. My music career has been a dream come true and proven to me that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Olay’s inspiring campaign echoes my beliefs.”

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