Carrie Underwood and WebMD Magazine

Did you know that Carrie Underwood is currently on the cover of WebMD magazine? Yeah, I mean honestly I don’t subscribe to that either, but I saw it in the waiting room at my doctor’s office the other day and I thought hmmm Carrie Underwood+health tips=her legs? I’ll take it! But seriously? Have you seen those legs, if only I could get my legs in that condition!! Here’s some tidbits of Carrie’s interview with WebMD: article.

Her preconceived notions of stardom: “Growing up, I always thought musicians would wake up at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, play a show, and party all night,” says the 27-year-old. “It’s not what happens at all! There’s a lot of work and planning, and no partying. Which is fine — I’m not a big partygoer anyway.”

Her litmus test on if a place is clean: “Here’s my test,” she says. “My dog travels with me everywhere. If he licks the floor a lot, or tries to roll around and stuff, the socks stay on. It’s totally mental — I’m sure it’s fine. I mean, growing up I used to run around with no shoes on, just outside everywhere. I was a disgusting child.”

On staying healthy: “People say, ‘I don’t have time — I just grab a hot dog on the street,'” she says. “I know better. It takes about five minutes to make a sandwich to take with you someplace.” “In our catering area we have this huge table of supplements for people — little things like vitamin C, echinacea, stuff like that, because if one person gets a cold, everybody’s getting a cold.” “I’m not a huge pill taker, because I feel like our bodies are designed to take what we need out of food. So I don’t want to make my body deficient and make it depend on what I take. I’d rather eat and drink things that are good for me.”

Her gym routine: “If I can wake up and I go get a good cardio session in,” she says, “a class at a gym nearby, or me on the treadmill, I’m happier throughout the day.” “Cardio makes me feel good, it makes me happy. It really makes a noticeable difference.”

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