Do you follow anyone on Twitter…I mean besides us OF COURSE!!! (@langstons). Here are some recent tweets that made AK and I laugh…or LOL I mean.

@martinamcbride I’m co-hosting the Today Show on tues. the 24th. Found out who took my Monday spot….@blakeshelton. Punk! (and I say that with love )  

@BradPaisley Practicing my Boston accent for tomorrow. Wicked hawd.  
@taylorswift13 Me: Hey Mom, I gotta go running. Talk to you later. Mom: Alright. Be careful. Me: I’m running on a treadmill. Mom: Still. Just.. Be careful.  
@miranda_lambert Should I be scared that Blake’s keyboard player just came to his bus and said “can I borrow a dog”. They came back fine but still…
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