Some tweets from the week…

@jakeofficial – I’m kinda glad I’m not a dog. I would be so mad if everyone that touched me twirled my ears in their fingers.

@noconaboots – If the shoe is on the other foot, your boots are on backwards!

@taylorswift13 – Had international interviews all day. Now I’m sitting on a rocking chair on my balcony watching Vanderbilt college kids move into dorms.   Ha, do you think any of these college kids had any idea she was watching?

@jakeofficial – I’m not saying where I am but I am crushing a Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster and a Cherry Limeade. Instantly feel better.  @sonicdrive_in….an Oklahoma company just like us!

@laurabellbundy – I’m one of those people that will take a tooth pick when I don’t need it and then get the tips of toothpick stuck in my teeth! Ar!

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