Check the Fit

The August 2010 People Magazine Style Watch issue included an “Ultimate Jeans Guide.” I was curious to see what tips and tricks it provided for denim. First up was their dressing room checklist…

Waist….they said it more eloquently than this, but their main point was to check to make sure the waist band sits comfortably and that you were not creating a large muffin top.

Rise…they recommend mid rise as the most universally flattering. Low rise works for those with a short torso and high rise for those with a long one.

Hips and Thighs….make sure there is no pulling. It looks and feels bad.

Butt….if you find a pair that fits, walk/sit/stretch and then take a second look to make sure they haven’t started to bunch or sag.

Inseam…decide what shoe (heels, flats, boots) you are going to wear with these jeans and check the length.

Good tips from the folks at People! Next up…pockets.