Road of Life – Whiskey Myers

Keeping in the spirit of the 5th annual Wormy Dog Spring Jam, I finally got my hands on Road of Life by east Texan outlaw Whiskey Myers. I finally got to see them live after many failed attempts. The album starts off with “Thief of Hearts”. Track 2 “Kyle Hope” should remind us all of our old selves watching friends leave our hometown and go off to college while you worked your ass off, stuck around and had good times when they all came home for the summer. “Gone Away” is possibly my favorite track on this album with lyrics like this… “just like the good times, you’ll be gone once again, out of my life and out of this one horse town, just like a bird…” it’s like these guys where inside my head. “Lonely East TX Nights” is their recent radio single and it is packed with just as much power as any of the other songs. The song that officially made me a fan and caught my attention was the title track “Road of Life”.

Road of Life is one of those albums where everyone young or old, male or female could just sit and jam too. If there was an official album of the summer of 2009 so far, this is it. Packed full of serenades that remind you of small town life, the ones you’ve left behind that you’ll never forget, and all the good times. Sadly the only time you will get a chance to check these guys in Oklahoma isn’t until College Fest in Stillwater in August, but you can this album at their website or at Lonestar Music,  which I strongly urge you to do.

– Rooster