The Show Must Go On…Rain, Shine or Mud

Music, Mayhem, and Mud

Music, Mayhem, and Mud

I woke up early on Sunday, May 24 and hit the road to Eufaula Cove Ampitheatre for Cross Canadian Ragweed’s 3rd annual Music & Mayhem. This year’s lineup was solid from start to finish. Mickey and The Motorcars, Reckless Kelly, Wade Bowen, Jason Boland, Cross Canadian Ragweed and of course the headliner for this year’s event Gary Allan.

When I arrived at Eufaula Cove there wasn’t a cloud in sight. It was nice and breezy, but all that soon changed about 45 minutes after the gate opened. I was already on my fourth beer and my tent was a boat ride away. I was jamming out to surprise guest Welcome to Silence when I noticed the clouds looming overhead. Within the next few songs the rain hit us like stinging needles. As everyone ran for some cover, I saw people, for the first time in my life, actually scrambling to get to a port-a-pott. After the rain calmed down, Mickey and The Motorcars took the stage. If you are not familiar with them, Mickey is one of a long line of famous Braun brothers like Reckless Kelly. They played all their hits from their album Naïve, “Grow Old”, “Seeds”.

With rain still pouring down, Reckless Kelly took the stage and, like always, showed why they were the 2008 Best Live Band in Austin. Micky Braun even joined his brothers Willy and Cody to sing a few songs. After the Braun clan was done wreaking havoc on a rain drenched and mud caked crowd, it was Jason Boland and The Stragglers turn. It seems to me since Boland went through a serious throat surgery at the end of last summer, his shows since then have been spectacular. Not that they weren’t before, it just seems like he has a reborn passion for what he is doing up there on stage. Performing all his hits he could fit into his set along with some new ones from his latest album, Comal County Blues, but I still wanted more.

By the time it was Wade Bowen’s turn to rock-n-roll, I was caked with the dried up mud I’d been standing in for hours. Gary Allan was delivered and was cool, calm and mysterious.

Cross Canadian finished the night with a rowdy crowd. This reminded me of a concert a few years back with Ragweed, only there wasn’t as much mud throwing this time around. Though the rain drove some of the older Gary Allan fans out of the joint, the “troopers” like myself toughed it out. I even managed to take a few snapshots and not get my phone totally ruined in all the madness:

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Well this weekend is yet another music festival but this time it’s just down the street from the Wormy Dog for Spring Jam with Randy Rogers Band and Eli Young Band.

Hope to see you all there.