The Latest and Greatest Two Albums That Are A Must for Any “Country” Music Fan

With the 5th annual Spring Jam just one week away, featuring two of hottest rising country music groups at it today, Eli Young Band and Randy Rogers Band, I wanted to give those of you who have not had a chance to check out Randy Rogers Band a couple of reasons why you need to as soon as possible. Now, it is no secret. Anyone close to me or anyone who knows me at all will tell you I am a Randy Rogers Band fanatic. I own all of their albums, plenty of merch, and countless signed artifacts.

With that out of the way, I will get down to the best reasons (albums) why you should pay attention to these guys. The first is their latest album. The self titled record is the sixth album release since the band starting playing music and it is one of their best. The opening song, “Wicked Ways”, is a song about making choices and dealing with the consequences they bring. It catches you from the start with one’s of the industry’s best fiddlers, Brady Black, and keeps on rolling. This is real country music. With tracks “Lonely Too Long”, “Never Be That High”, and “Buy Myself A Chance”, this album debuted on the Billboard Country Music charts at number three, and was the most downloaded country album on iTunes in 2008. The big hit that started a chain reaction of Randy Rogers pandemonium was “In My Arm’s Instead”, which reached the top 20 on the music charts. The album received an abundance of attention with nominations at ACM and CMA awards, as well as winning Best Country Album of 2008 in Playboy Magazine.

That new album is the first reason. Now here is the second: the Randy Rogers Band Live at Billy Bobs disc. The album is hands down their best album. You get to actually get a feel of how amazing they are in concert, and if you have not seen Randy Rogers Band perform live at one of the many festivals around Oklahoma and Texas or missed them on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or The Late Show with David Letterman, then you are missing out. This album has all the familiar Randy Rogers we have come to love that has garnered them national attention in 2007 with Rolling Stone magazine ranking them alongside such artists as U2 and the Stones in its list of Top 10 Must-See Artists in the summer of 2007. USA Today praised the band for having “loads of grit, swagger and heart.” It starts off right with my two favorite songs “Somebody Take Me Home” and “Down and Out”. This album has all the favorites: “Ten Miles Deep”, “Tonight’s Not the Night”,” Lost And Found” and so much more.

First and foremost, Randy Rogers is a songwriter (something that country music is missing these days). If these two albums have not persuaded you enough to go out and purchase Spring Jam tickets for next weekend, then maybe it’s time you just listen to someone who knows. I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes by Randy Rogers himself “Country music needs a change…and if this ain’t country music, I’ll kiss your ass”