Shiner Bock Celebrates 100yrs in Stoney style

Stoney Larue at The Wormy Dog Saloon

Stoney Larue at The Wormy Dog Saloon

I was back home at my old stomping grounds this last week for Shiner Bock’s 100yr celebration at The Wormy Dog Saloon for a FREE show. That’s right a free show and this was a show not to miss.

The night started off with great openers Daryll Lee Rush and The Dirt Drifters who know how to put on a show. Amongst the elbow room only crowd and the rowdy fans waiting in line to get even with each other at midnight, I sat and watched Stoney do what he does best and belt out one great song after another. He covered Norman Greenbaum with ease. Stoney LaRue and The Arsenals played all the crowd favorites “Empty Glass”,”Down in Flames”, “One Chord Song” and the huge hit for him everyone in the place knew. There’s wasn’t a soul not dancing or singing along myself included to “Oklahoma Breakdown” (written by longtime Oklahoma music scene icon, Mike Hosty of the Hosty Duo).

Stoney grew up listening to his father play bass and after watching this show I don’t think there’s anything else Stoney wants to do. His music and live shows deliver every time. Stoney fired up the crowd playing some new songs that are coming out on his new album. I got goose bumps just thinking about it. If you have a chance to hear him cover a Willie Nelson song it’s as though Willie himself is there singing. Amazing. So far hands down my favorite show from start to finish that Stoney LaRue and The Arsenals have done.

This week I get to jump on the wicked twisted road with Reckless Kelly so stay tuned for that. In the meantime go check out some of Stoney LaRue and the Arsenals live performances on youtube or at and wipe the tears from your eyes. He’ll be back soon for Country Fever.