Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses – Mescalito

Ryan Bingham - Mescalito

Ryan Bingham - Mescalito

To get everyone geared up for the Ryan Bingham and The Dead Horses show at the Wormy Dog Saloon on May 21st, I popped in Ryan Bingham’s new album… well, kinda new album. Released in October of 2007,  Mescalito is his first album unless you are lucky enough to get your hands on “Dead Horses”, an album that was a limited release from LoneStarMusic in 2006 and is no longer available.

I first was turned onto Ryan Bingham seeing them perform live on Conan O’Brien and came across Mescalito digging through the KKNG music vault in 2008.  I can’t think of anything that isn’t on this album. From banjo’s to accordion’s, this album has an array of instruments. The crazy thing is this album was a coin flip away from not even happening at all.  Mescalito has gotten raves from the like of Rolling Stone and a three page feature in the Los Angeles Times and another performance on The Tonight Show.

The album grabs from the beginning with the track “Southside of Heaven”. It’s hard to describe the feeling you get with this track. It’s that feeling you get when you are riding down the road on a peaceful evening, catching the wind in your hands I guess. It keeps going to with “Otherside” and his first radio single “Bread and Water”. After listening to “Baracho Station”, if you don’t feel like a troubadour, a modern day “outlaw”, then you made need to have your ears checked. Mascelito is nothing short of genius. The album grips you and makes you want to hit the road like a “traveling jone’s”.

I look forward to his show.  It will be the first live performance I will get to see of this bull riding, Spanish speaking, modern day outlaw. Bingham will also be performing at Country Fever in June as well. This is an album you don’t have to put much thought to in buying it. Just do it and thank me later. It should at least tide you over until Roadhouse Sun comes up out on June 2nd.