Reckless Kelly Running Wild in OKC!

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On May 9th, I found myself at the Wormy Dog again for the rescheduled Reckless Kelly show. As far as I knew it was just Reckless Kelly playing, but around 10 there was a band on stage and it was their good buddies Highspeed Hayride, a foursome from around the Texas/Mexico border. Highspeed Hayride have had their share of hits on the Texas Music Charts and I’m hoping they will come back around very soon because they put on a good show.

As usual, the headlining band didn’t come on exactly when expected but delivered none the less. They opened with the crowd favorite “Ragged As The Road”, which was a hit for them off their latest album “Bulletproof”.  There hasn’t been an album these guys have put out that hasn’t had at least four or five big hits for them. Nominated as one of the best live act in Texas by the 2009 Lone Star Music Awards, Reckless Kelly showed they know what they’re doing. Don’t forget they’ve got a background that can be dated back to performing on the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson when they were 11 and 12 years old…  not once, but twice.

Known as the wild ones in the music scene no matter where they are, they do everything in full force and everyone got exactly that Saturday night. There was still a line waiting to get in at 12:30a.m. Reckless Kelly kept the crowed going with all their hits: “Sixgun”, “Motel Cowboy Show”, and “Break My Heart Tonight” just to name a few. I don’t think there is a “country music” instrument that Cody Braun can’t play. Braun was nominated for best musician at the 2009 LSM Awards where he pulled out a mandolin, harmonica, banjo, and even stole the mic from his brother Willy to sing “Wild West Windblown Band”. Ending the night with the hand down crowd favorite, “Crazy Eddies Last Hurrah”, they had the entire elbow-to-elbow crowded room screaming the lyrics and going insane making it one of the most enthusiastic crowds I have seen.

If you missed out on this wild west windblown band then you will get two more chances in the next two months with Cross Canadian Ragweed’s 3rd Annual Music & Mayhem at Eufaula, and Country Fever in Pryor. I’m not going to ride off into the sunset this time but take a deep breathe and leave with my favorite Reckless Kelly lyrics…

“Well it sure didn’t take too long
I woke up one mornin’, she was gone
And the note that she wrote didn’t say “Dear John”
It said, “Goodbye, ******, I’m gone!”

She was a home-grown mountain girl
Raised in a different world.
I was a wanna-be rocker,
She was more into Merle.

And I couldn’t see it just wouldn’t work
And now I’m double fisting longnecks
And grapefruit and Stoli
But I’m never gettin’ over Jolie”

– Crazy Eddie’s Last Hurrah-R.K

– Rooster