Props From KFOR-TV’s Linda Cavanaugh in American Way Magazine

American Way: City Game, Cowboy Style

Oklahoma City recently joined the NBA family with the relocation and rebranding of the Seattle Superonics. Now known as The Thunder, the team plays its 41 home games in the heart of our home town.

In light of this event, American Way magazine has showcased the city in two separate articles across its last two issues. The first article, in its February 1st issue, includes “what to do and see” recommendations from several local personalities including civic leaders, business owners, and media. From French bistros to dive bars and “cowboy museums” to crew style rowing, the list of recommendations provides a great cross section of the varied cultural and lifestyle attractions available in the city.

Which brings us to Linda Cavanaugh, a long time resident and Oklahoma City media personality who serves as an anchor on KFOR-TV’s news channel 4 . When it comes to western wear, Linda proclaims “Langston’s is it.” Specifically, she is directing readers to our Stockyards City store, which is just a short drive or trolley ride from downtown where the Thunder plays their home games at the Ford Center. Located in a historically renovated building, the store serves as both a retail store and tourist attraction. With many western themed businesses in the Stockyards, run by skilled craftsman with a passion for western culture and lifestyle, Stockyards City is actually a great place for all things western.

For a more in depth look at the NBA in Oklahoma City, the latest issue of American Way magazine contrasts the NBA’s newest venue with one of its most revered, New York’s Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks. Titled City Game, Cowboy Style, the piece is an enlightening and in depth look at two very different markets that are now linked by one great game. It certainly has convinced me to make sure I catch a game at the Garden soon, if for nothing else, for the hot dog on the way in. (Speaking of, anyone think we can get those guys at Coney Island on Main Street to open a stand outside the Ford Center?…)

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