After a wild weekend at the Red Dirt Music festival and a crazy night at the Wormy Dog Saloon, I am geared up for another weekend of Red Dirt and Texas music concerts.

The day started at 4pm with local Stillwater musicians, Exit 174. And what a surprise, they got their start right there in the “Still” just like so many others we have come to know and love (CCR, Boland, No Justice). Mark McKinney was there laying down the law on partying, as usual, and setting the crowd straight on what is or isn’t a proper party foul.

The biggest surprise for me was the Jackson Taylor Band. He’s just a solid performer who rocked the Lazy E Arena, a real outlaw in the Texas music scene. (Note to self: bring some Jim Beam if you want to party with Jackson Taylor.)

Johnny Cooper stole the show for me. So much energy for such a young and already accomplished artist. Along with Cody Shaw, and the new line-up in the mix, Cooper has been working on a new album up in Nashville and he personally promised this one would turn some heads.

The Bart Crow Band made their performance like always, about the love they have for their music and their fans. They’re another local band… well, a band that started in none other than Stillwater, once again.

No Justice ended the night in a packed Lazy E arena floor. I was impressed with their light show. It was good to see Ordinary Outlaws and Nick Gibson as well as it had been a while since I had gotten to see them perform.

We should be posting interviews from Red Dirt Music Festival this week and, if you’re lucky, you might get to see me ride a mechanical bull for a whole 3 seconds. Till next time, I’m riding off into the sunset with my whiskey bottle in hand: “Quote the Rooster Never More”.

In honor of one of my favorite bands having recently played the Wormy Dog Saloon, I’m giving the latest Kevin Fowler scoop with his new single off his latest album Bring It On. “Cheaper to Keep Her” is climbing the Texas music charts. Released in 2007, this album is solid from start to finish and includes the 2nd most requested song of 2008 “Best Mistake I Ever Made”. The song gained him national recognition as well. With 13 solid tracks, if you have ever had that feeling you’re behind in the game of life just a little then “Long Line of Losers”, “What’s Your Point”, and “Slow Down” just may hit home for many. Then there those honky-tonk songs that Kevin Fowler seems to bring on every album “Me and the Boys”, “I Pulled A Hank Last Night”, “Honky Tonk Junkie” just makes you feel like throwing back a few brews. When Kevin Fowler takes the stage he doesn’t have to demand your attention because he has it already as soon as the first riff is played. Expect nothing less than perfection from a Kevin Fowler show with him dropping hits from start to finish. Last time Fowler was in town he was little under the weather and there is no way you could of seen that as he worked the crowd, flung the microphone around and he even busted out some classics.

**Don’t Miss No Justice at THE Oklahoma Red Dirt Destination, The Wormy Dog Saloon, on 2/28**

-“The Rooster”