Casey Donahew Band Surprise

After another weekend out and about for Red Dirt: Live, I caught another Kevin Fowler show which was as good as expected. Maybe the routine needs a little revamping but Fowler’s music is amazing. The night after is what caught my eye.

The Wormy Dog usually books one big draw for the weekend, a great acoustic show for the week, and a band that will ensure at least 300 to 400 people, but it’s not always like a sold out Randy Rogers Show, Eli Young, Wade Bowen or Stoney show where people are lined up at the door to get in. The night after a triple crown Kevin Fowler night, I arrived at the Wormy Dog just in time to catch a few of the songs from the opener, Jesse Jennings Band. The Jesse Jennings band is in no way related to one of the greatest musicians of all time, Waylon Jennings, to my knowledge. They were not too bad from what I caught. Much to my surprise it was more packed than the Kevin Fowler show!

I’m not one to lie and will admit before this show, I knew little of Casey Donahew and his laid back crew. I have had a lot of request for RD:L to do something on these guys for a while, so I did a phone interview that went well. I learned a lot about these guys and their music, so I figured it was time to check out their show. It stood out in my mind how crowded it was and, despite the frat party it was, I enjoyed the show. They had fun with a Vanilla Ice cover and rocked a Kid Rock song (Casey is huge fan) that had the elbow to elbow crowd swaying. “Stockyards” from their debut album, Lost Days, was a big fan favorite along with “White Trash Story” and the big hit that landed them on the Texas Music Charts Best of 2008 “Crazy”. The crowd was in it for the whole show. I didn’t ever see a fan not singing to any of their songs.

They are a young band full of energy and budding talent. If you enjoy a crowd filled with ladies and a few frat guys then Casey Donahew is the show for you. I would pay money to see them again and I am interested in seeing how their next album will turn out.

Anyway it’s Sunday so I’m going to drift off into the sunset, whiskey in hand. I might even try some of those girl fruity drinks but it’s unlikely and, gentlemen, unless it’s a Mexican beer, stop fruiting it!

– Rooster