Red Dirt: Live, An Introduction

My name is Tony “The Rooster” Brown and I am the creator and co-host of Red Dirt: Live. What is Red Dirt: Live you ask? Red Dirt: Live highlights Red Dirt artists both known and upcoming in the Red Dirt/Texas music scene. Each episode will profile a specific band providing viewers with an in depth background into each band, featuring interviews as well as showcase live performances shot exclusively for the show at Oklahoma’s Red Dirt destination, The Wormy Dog Saloon.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way I’ll give you a little background on myself and why I  like this genre of music so much.  My love of Red Dirt/Texas music started back in 1999 with frequent trips to Stillwater, Oklahoma, the birth place of Red Dirt music. My idols have always been Waylon Jennings, Willie, Cash, the outlaws of country music. They had their own way of doing country music which was totally against the Nashville-way, much like these guys in the Red Dirt/Texas music scene, their lyrics and almost rock-n-roll style is profoundly unique.

My grandfather actually enjoyed Red Dirt more than the new pop-country songs that were out there which meant a lot to me growing up because I idolized him as a musician. Working for 93.3 KKNG got me even more involved with the Red Dirt/Texas music scene. I became friends with a lot of the artists and realized how down to earth they were, just like me. When I hear the lyrics, it’s like I’m back home in my one horse town, backroadin’ and livin’ free.

I’ll be using this blog to post interviews from the road and keeping you up to date with albums of the week, upcoming shows and my big trip to CMT in Nashville and let you all know what’s going on and with Red Dirt: Live and the music and musicians of the Red Dirt/Texas music scene.