Men’s Levi’s® Jeans Showcase (10% Off Coupon)

We’ve added many new Levi’s® jeans styles and finishes for the fall. To make things easy, we’re just going to focus on our new Men’s Levi’s® styles for this post.

There are a lot of great new looks this fall for Levi’s® jeans, and the focus is mainly on the slimmer, cleaner look that has become popular in the denim world. Also in line with today’s modern look, many of the finishes feature a darker and cleaner look as well. Not as much damage and even a little less in the way of fades. The raw denim look is in and many of our new finishes reflect that trend. So, first up we have:

Levi’s ® 514 ™ Slim Straight Jeans
Levi’s 514 Slim Straight Jeans - Roadie Levi’s 514 Slim Straight Jeans - Dark Polish
The 514™ jean from Levi’s® is becoming one of their most popular fits outside of the 501®. While not as slim as the 511™ Skinny jean (see below), the straight leg jean gives a clean and sophisticated look without any bag or sag. A very modern look and one that proves to be very popular this fall.

Levi’s ® 511 ™ Skinny Jeans
Levi’s 511 Skinny Jeans - Polar Levi’s 511 Skinny Jeans - Soft Rigid
The Levi’s® 511™ Skinny Jeans are the most fashion forward jeans in our new Red Tab line. The skinny leg and 14 3/4″ leg opening provides a very slim line and tight fit. The soft rigid finish (pictured on right) is great for someone wanting the ultimate clean raw look, without the rough feel of rigid denim.

Levi’s ® 512 ™ Slim Fit Jeans
Levi’s 512 Slim Fit Jeans - Clean Rinse Levi’s 512 Slim Fit Jeans - Vintage
The 512™ is also a slim fit jean. It’s not as skinny as the 511™, but, unlike the 514™, it has a tapered leg. This is a good jean for someone who wants to go slim, but isn’t ready to make the full jump to the 511™ or just doesn’t feel like they can pull off a skinny jean. The clean rinse (left) and vintage medium (right) finishes provide a good choice between the modern clean and dark look and a more classic vintage look.

Levi’s ® 539 ™ Men’s Vintage Straight ECO Jean
Levi’s® 539™ Men’s Vintage Straight ECO Jean
Go green and look good. The Levi’s® ECO jean has gotten a lot of attention from environmentally conscious bloggers and press. And judging from my recent trip to market, which dedicated a lot of floor space to green merchandise, this is not just a trend. Many love the quality and feel of organic cotton and the recycled denim fabrications let you know you’re doing your part to limit waste. And with the stylish vintage fit and the modern look of the clean and dark shadow finish, you certainly aren’t sacrificing any style for a good cause.

Levi’s ® 549 ™ Low Loose Jeans
Levi’s 549 Low Loose Jeans
If you like the fit of the 569™, but want a low rise jean, the 549™ Low Loose jean is perfect for you. The rigid broken finish is a great new finish for fall as well. It has the look of well worn raw denim. Urban. Casual. Modern. We expect big things from this jean this fall.

Levi’s ® 557 ™ Relaxed Boot Cut Jeans
Levi’s 557 Relaxed Boot Cut Jeans
Finally, a relaxed fit boot cut jean from Levi’s®. This has been long overdue in our opinion, and Levi’s® did not disappoint with the 557™. Sitting on the hip with a relaxed seat and thigh, it is comfortable, casual, and stylish all at the same time, while still fitting over your favorite pair of cowboy boots. The freebird finish is a great universal finish that is a medium cast denim with sanding and whiskers. You can now relax and wear boots with your Levi’s®.

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