Style at any age

In this month’s InStyle Magazine they have an article that’s aim is to keep us “Fashionably On Point – anywhere at any age.” The article really does not tell me how to look great during my 18-month old’s gymnastics class while I chase him around in a warehouse that tops 100 degrees – but it does have some style points that are worth reading. Mostly I looked at the advice for when wearing jeans – and of course I looked at all the ages they listed.

I mean, I was 20 something, am now 30 something, will be 40 something one day – and was just amazed at how great Iman looks, so I looked at the 50 something page too. Let’s start there – once you get over the shock that Iman is really over 50, check out how sheik she looks in jeans! She paired Levi’s ® 518 ™ with a simple t-shirt and a structured blazer – and she looks amazing! This look works for any age. For a younger version, try wearing a printed T-shirt under the blazer – there are some new cute ones on our women’s shirts page that would work great.

Next we move to the 40 somethings. Carrie – uh, I mean Sarah Jessica Parker – is shown in skinny jeans. The advice is that you need to pair them with something more upscale. I don’t think we need to go as far as Manolo Blahniks, but if you have them – go for it!!! For the rest of us, heels and a nice blouse will do the trick. I might also try rockin these black Justin Punchy Boots with my skinny jeans. You can try these straight leg jeans and the rumor is that we will be getting some new skinny jeans from Levi’s ® soon.

30 somethings. This is where I fit in. Right next to Penelope Cruz. I tell you, we are like twins! This page suggests pairing jeans with something tailored and fitted for an overall sleek look. I agree that this is the way to go. At 17 jeans and a well worn sweatshirt worked – but these days that look just isn’t cutting it. I’d go with these Lucky Brand Classic Rider Jeans. Looks like there are some good sizes left and for $59.97, that’s not bad for some Lucky’s in real people sizes. Pair it with a simple fitted t-shirt or in the winter with a slim sweater and you too will look like Penelope….well – maybe not, but you will look put together.

And last, the 20 somethings. I think at 20 you can pretty much pull any of these looks off. In Style shows Sienna Miller in tomboy tough jeans and what they call “soft English Countryside” on top. Umm – ok. Really she is just in a tee, a cardigan and a very over sized scarf. She completes the look with ankle boots. I am not really sure who can pull this look off other than her – and honestly she is not really doing it either. But it does show that a good pair of jeans can work with anything!