NY Times: Oklahoma City Booming with New Exuberance

View From Arts District - Oklahoma City

From time to time we like to share a little bit about where we’re from. It’s always nice to put a little personality on this too-often impersonal medium called the internet. To help tell you a little about what we’re “all about”, we like to point you to an article in today’s New York Times Travel section about Oklahoma City.

In a recent visit, the author found a city that mixes all the elements commonly associated with the Midwest, the West, and a bit of the South. From the “noirish-cool” Lobby Bar on Western Avenue to the “True West” setting of Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in the Oklahoma National Stockyards (just across the street from us!), the author really stretched his legs and dug into the many facets of the city. A visit to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, with its grand displays of western art, followed by a stop at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, with the largest permanent installation of Dale Chihuly glass sculptures including the 55 foot tall center piece in the museum’s atrium, reinforced that this is a place where many aspects of all types of “western” culture come together in a natural a seamless way.

And it wasn’t just the food and museums that gave him this impression. The author found that the people represented this mixture of cultures as well:

“While I was in town, a nationally known local psychedelic band, the Flaming Lips, screened a homemade movie and music extravaganza, “Christmas on Mars,” to a raucous crowd at the deadCENTER Film Festival. At the same time, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum was hosting a gathering of contemporary Western artists — imagine a group of people resembling the cast of a Sam Peckinpah movie with paintbrushes. There is also a frisson in the air over the news that the city has managed to snag a National Basketball Association franchise, with the SuperSonics moving here from Seattle next season. “

So, if you plan on visiting us soon or just want to know more about this place where all your Langston’s packages are coming from, check out the NY Times article here. For more pictures check out the Slide Show.

Bricktown Canal - Oklahoma City