Domino Magazine

A new magazine just recently started being published called Domino. It claims to be “The Guide to Living with Style.” And I have to say – it seems to be. They have great decorating articles as well as ones on fashion and just general style. I recommend that you check it out.

In August they sent a supplemental magazine out to subscribers. It was their Fall 2008 Fashion Rocks issue. There is a great article on Keith Urban in it and how he and Nicole Kidmantry and avoid the spot light as much as possible. I guess Nic had enough of that when she was with Tom Cruise. Keith talks about his personal style and how he doesn’t want it to get in the way of his music, or his life. He prefers to wear jeans, Levi’s ® 501 ® jeans to be exact, and a t-shirt. With new t-shirts on the site and new 501 styles on the way, we can help you get that Keith Urban look. Whether that lands you a Nicole Kidman, well, that’s up to you…

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