My 2nd Blog by Paul Bonds

Hey, I hope things are good back in Langston’s country. The hot weather gives me the opportunity to make a decision and travel with the geese. I head to Canada in the summer.

After the PBRs and a small break, I started my rodeo run in Lindsay, Ontario for Rawhide Rodeo Co. They have had numerous bucking animal awards and put on the second largest rodeo in Canada, the Western Festival de St.Tite. I enjoy rodeoing here. The sport doesn’t have much tradition here so the people are very excited to see a bullfighter perform.

Last year we had a rodeo in St. Andre, Ontario. We bucked a new bull and threw the cowboy off early in the ride. I felt like I needed to see his “bull” qualities better so I went to fight him. He introduced himself in a typical bull manner. He put his foot in my head and pushed 5 ribs out of place. It made for a few rough weeks after that. I had a friend stitch me up with fishing line and a saddle-sewing needle. A chiropractor helped with the rib cage but I had to fight for a few weeks ‘til I could get to one. The new bull, whom I see all the time now, received a new name, “James Bond”, because of my last name. I think Rawhide Rodeo Company seen some humor in this.

It’s been a great season so far and I am looking forward to getting in to Langston’s to pick up a couple of cowboy hats. In the meantime, one more rodeo in Ontario and a PCB bull riding in St. Charles, IL on my way to protect America’s future in Farmington, NM at the National High School Finals Rodeo.