Lucky In St. Louis

St. Louis Arch = Sweet and Low Lucky Jeans

The August issue of Glamour Magazine is jam packed with advice about jeans. In one section they list the best selling jean in a few different cities. In St. Louis the best selling jean is the Sweet N Low by Lucky Jeans. I am a HUGE fan of these jeans. They sit low, but not too low. They have some flare at the bottom, but not too much. They really just fit well. They look equally good with a pair of your best boots as they do with a pair of comfy flip flops.

Anyway, the fact that this jean was listed was no surprise to me. What was a shocker was the price tag. It shows them at an average of $88!!! Hello???!?!?!? People? Welcome to Langston’s where you can buy them for $59.97! ($49.97 with coupon, just two days left!) Are you still reading this post or have you already jumped over to the Sweet and Low page…yeah – that was what I thought. Just leave me some in my size ok?

By the way, the rest of the Glamour article is good too – lots of ways to wear jeans, dress them up or down, different finishes and fits andĀ even someĀ care advice – although the advice is to not dry your jeans in the drier and I just can’t hang with that. I am a wash and dry kind of girl – and I have not seen any significant fade on my jeans from drying them.