A well worn pair of jeans…

A well worn pair of jeans…

I was reading an article at the doctor’s office a while back in some news magazine – an old issue of Newsweek I think. The interview was on George Clooney and it described him walking into the interview in a pair of well worn jeans and a t-shirt. Today I was reading in the July issue of Elle about Matthew Goode (an amazingly hot British actor – if you are not familiar with him you should be!) and it also described him arriving at the interview in a pair of well worn jeans – Levi’s® to be exact. This is a trend that I see all the time. It is just such a classic, timeless, sexy look – well worn jeans and a simple white, black or grey shirt. We see leading men all over Hollywood and beyond donning the look.

When did it all start? This classically sexy look? James Dean? He was the original bad boy in dusty, faded jeans and a white tee. The 80s brought us John Travolta in Urban Cowboy in his tight fitting dark washed jeans. The rappers in the 90s made baggy jeans with a bit of boxer top showing a staple in all magazines. Whatever decade it is, whatever style you lean towards – a pair of great fitting jeans and a simple tee shirt seems to always work as a classic go to look.

The site just added a special Levi’s® closeout 505® jean for just $29.97. I think it’s a great example of what I’m talking about. The fit is as classic as it gets: more or less a 501® with a zipper. The finish looks like this has been your favorite jean for years.

One thought on “A well worn pair of jeans…

  1. Have never quite understood why anyone buys a new pair of jeans that already appears worn and used. Do you not really wear jeans regularly, but want to appear to everyone that you do?

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