The Western Wardrobe Destination

Southern Living recently sent two of its editors to the Oklahoma National Stockyards in search of western wear and they of course ended up at Langston’s! They recommended the store as a great place for boots – giving us a 3 horseshoe rating (the highest given). The article sites the many Ariat riding boots for women that we carry, Minnetonka moccasins, Justin and Tony Lama boots as well as our John Deere Boots – even available for babies!

We also had a rating of 3 horseshoes for Shirts, Belts and Jeans. They mention the hand-tooled leather purses, sequined belts we carry in store, as well as the Montana Silversmith belt buckles, Panhandle Slim shirts, Cruel Girl and Wrangler Jeans we carry both online and in stores.

No western look is complete without a hat – and we offer a wide range to choose from. So if you are in the OKC area, please stop by our Historic location in the Oklahoma National Stockyards (click here for directions) and get outfitted by our knowledgeable staff. Elsewhere in Oklahoma, please visit us at I-240 and Shields Blvd, or in Midwest City at 15th and Midwest Blvd. or in Yukon at 1105 Garth Brooks Blvd.