New Gear and New Digs!

Hi folks. Yes, it’s been too long since we’ve blogged, but there’s a reason. We’re currently in the process of moving the entire Langston’s internet operation to our very own building! Yes, it’s been hard, but the payoff will be enormous. We’ve still got quite a bit to do, but things are looking great. The new paint smell is almost gone, and we’ve definitely got plenty of room to grow.

With all this activity going on, we’ve still managed to get quite a few cool new items on the site. It’s not hard to tell that summer is right around the corner with all of the great t-shirts, skirts, and tank tops from Rock and Roll Cowgirl and Rock and Roll Cowboy, both from Panhandle Slim. Here’s just a few examples:
49-2405.jpg 49t2404.jpg p9-2425.jpg p9-2434.jpg

We’ve also been working hard to get a whole lot of new Justin Boots uploaded. There are some great styles for men, women, and the kids. Be sure to check them out on our Justin Boots page. Here’s a few examples:

7006.jpg 5902.jpg jbc_l9901_lf.jpg jbc_l8962_lf.jpg