Closing Cases in Cowboy Boots

What is Kyra Sedgwick’s favorite must have fashion item? I would assume it is her husband Kevin Bacon – but I guess according to the July issue of InStyle, I am wrong. The star of the TNT hit series The Closer told InStyle that she considers herself to be a collector when it comes to cowboy boots. 

 Back in the 80s when her hubbie was rockin his own pair of boots in Footloose, Kyra found a pair of red  Lucchese boots that she says are still her favorite boots today. Check out the July issue of InStyle to see more of Kyra’s favorite things. ..sorry to tell you there are no pics of Kevin in the article.

I checked with our stores and found that we only have a few Men’s Lucchese boots in stock at our Stockyards (405-235-9536) location, but as always, they said they’d be willing to special order any Lucchese boots if they didn’t have what you want. If you wan to start a collection (and save a little money) there are many styles of Justin Boots and Ariat Boots  online and in all of our stores. While me may all like Krya’s choice in boots, we may not all have TV star money to buy them with.

In the meantime, I dug up some more information in Lucchese Boots and wanted to share. The Lucchese Boot Company (in case you were wondering how to say it – it is Lu-K-C)  was established in San Antonio, Texas in 1883 by Sam Lucchese Sr. and his brothers just 3 years after arriving in America. In the early 1960s Sam Lucchese Jr. took over the business with the goal to create a perfect fitting boot.  According to Sam, “If you cut leather for your boots in the same way you would carve up a meat carcass for your dinner table, you will be in good shape.”  I really have no idea what exactly he means, but I am pretty sure his Thanksgiving turkey was carved to perfection – and clearly the man was not a vegetarian. His knack for carving leather led to boots that are made primarily by hand and gained national recognition for the company.  Still today they are celebrated as a one-of-a kind boot with extraordinary comfort, quality and fit.