Western Wear with a Rock and Roll Attitude

Rock and Roll Cowboy Hoodie Rock and Roll Cowgirl - Camo Thermal Rock and Roll Cowboy - Camo T-Shirt Rock and Roll Cowgirl - Pink Mock Rock and Roll Cowboy Trucker Hat Rock and Roll Cowgirl Tank Top

This fall we’ve expanded our Panhandle Slim selection online to include the Rock and Roll Cowboy and Rock and Roll Cowgirl lines. These lines are inspired by and meant to capture the look and feel of the emerging Red Dirt music scene that has begun to spread across the country.

Named for the color of dirt found in much of Oklahoma, the Red Dirt music scene began in Stillwater, home to Oklahoma State University. As many musicians began migrating to Austin or Dallas, the scene became fully entrenched in Texas and has begun to define the sound there. Often referred to as Americana or alt-country, Red Dirt music is often a hybrid of rock and country with dashes of traditional American music like blugrass, blues, and honky tonk thrown in for style. Some of the better known Red Dirt artists include Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers Band, Stoney Larue, Red Dirt Rangers, and No Justice.

To reflect the eclectic styles found in Red Dirt music, the hoodies, tanks, thermals, and t-shirts of the Rock and Roll lines start with lots of camouflage, pinks, and blacks and add screen printed graphics to give them extra attitude. So be sure to check out the next Red Dirt show in your area, but don’t be caught going without your Rock and Roll Cowboy or Cowgirl gear from Panhandle Slim.