Mythbusters: Jeans Shrinkage is Safe

One of my favorite shows is the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters and, in case you missed it, they did an episode on jeans myths last week. In it they tested 2 myths about jeans: 1) That your jeans catch fire when dragged by a horse and 2) that wearing your jeans in the tub to shrink them can be fatal. As a western wear blogger and with Levi’s® 501® Shrink-to-fit Jeans® being one of Langston’s most popular jeans, I was very interested in the results to say the least.

Thankfully for our customers and jeans buyers in genreal, both myths were busted on the show. So, you can safely shrink your jeans in the tub and wear them confidently in the saddle without worry of them catching fire if you get tossed (here’s to hoping you never have to test the latter yourself), but watching mythbuster Tory Belleci get dragged by a horse while his colleague, Grant Imahara, spent 6 hours in a hot tub to shrink his Levi’s® to beyond skin tight made for some great entertainment. Of course, all of this was trumped by them capping the pressure valve on a water heater causing it to shoot hundreds of feet in the air when it exploded. Great stuff!

Personally, I’d never heard of either myth. If anybody has any other denim myths, feel free to e-mail them to us or place them in the comments. Maybe we get them to test them out for us in a future episode!

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